Pc Medical


A PC Medical is a complete service of your PC. It includes all of the following:

Removal Of All Known Virus'

Removal Of Spyware, Malware and Adware

Cure Registry Errors

Full PC Tune-up and optimization for increased performance and reliability

Hardware check & Service of all Internal Components

Repairing of all corrupt system files and drivers

Cleaning of all temporary files, including the ones tune-up programs miss

All Known Bugs Fixed

Full Hardware Diagnostic Report (available when pre requested)

Full Disk Defragmentation

People who use this service benefit from all of the following:

Faster, Smoother running PC

Increased Life of Components

Improved System Stability

No More Crashing

More Secure Surfing

Increased Data Integrity

After a PC medical your computer will feel like new again, regaining its original performance and making using it a joy and not a chore. We know your operating system inside out and know how to get the best out of it.

For your peace of mind a full backup of all your precious Data can be made where requested which we keep on an encrypted drive on our server for 1 month.

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Jeff Goldblum

"I was having some trouble with a teleportation device causing some anomalies with my precious dna\'s and switch fixed it with only a hammer and some sticky back plastic."

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