Pc Medical


A PC Medical is a complete service of your PC. It includes all of the following:

Removal Of All Known Virus'

Removal Of Spyware, Malware and Adware

Cure Registry Errors

Full PC Tune-up and optimization for increased performance and reliability

Hardware check & Service of all Internal Components

Repairing of all corrupt system files and drivers

Cleaning of all temporary files, including the ones tune-up programs miss

All Known Bugs Fixed

Full Hardware Diagnostic Report (available when pre requested)

Full Disk Defragmentation

People who use this service benefit from all of the following:

Faster, Smoother running PC

Increased Life of Components

Improved System Stability

No More Crashing

More Secure Surfing

Increased Data Integrity

After a PC medical your computer will feel like new again, regaining its original performance and making using it a joy and not a chore. We know your operating system inside out and know how to get the best out of it.

For your peace of mind a full backup of all your precious Data can be made where requested which we keep on an encrypted drive on our server for 1 month.

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Sue Deaney

"I was amaized i watched the cursor move on its own around my screen as your technical support cured my computer remotely \"crazy\" but best of all thanks cos you you sorted it and didnt overcharge 2"

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